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  • Gilgen FD 20-F swing-door drive unit for effective fire prevention

    The “F” in the type designation indicates maximum fire-prevention performance. The “F” in the name of the new Gilgen FD 20-F swing-door drive unit stands for “Fire”, in recognition of its top safety performance.
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    Gilgen FD 20-F

Pedestrian access

Automatic door systems

Our automatic unit provides contact- and barrier-free access from one room to another in situations where you cannot use your hands to operate the door.
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Gilgen FD 20-F

Effective fire prevention

The Gilgen FD 20-F swing-door drive unit offers a decisive plus in terms of safety.
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For a better world

This is our commitment

Energy efficiency, user-friendly operation, better hygiene, Barrier-free access, safety and security are not just catch-phrases at Gilgen Door Systems...
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