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Industrial Folding Shutters

Our extensive range of folding industrial shutters has a reputation for strength, durability and ease of use. Ideal for exposed locations such as aircraft hangers, utilities, large agricultural buildings, railway/tram depots and military buildings.

The innovative design yet simple construction means they are easily installed and provide a cost effective solution to a vast range of applications.

Options including power, activation, control, locking, insulation and panel finishing enable the shutters to be specified and built to individual project requirements.
Key Advantages:
• Robust, frills-free design
• Easy to operate
• Custom finishing to end-user needs
• Resistant to extreme weather
• Insulated panels to reduce heat loss
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Our folding shutter range includes: 
This range is constructed of ribbed galvanised steel leaves with rolled edges and an integral pantograph system that allows easy operation of the doors. 
Flat-face Insulated
Constructed from insulated steel panels and featuring all-round seals, these shutters reduce building heat loss, minimise water ingress, air and dust contamination and offer a high level of security.
Swift Bi-Folding Side Hung Insulated
These doors are fast acting and ideally suited to emergency services, appliance bays or other industrial applications. 
Osprey Multi-Leaf, Top Hung
This configuration allows for wide doors to be supplied as a single bunch, stacking at one end or a double bunch stacking at either end (manual or power operation for openings up to 6 metres).
Kingfisher Straight Sliding, Top Hung or Bottom Rolling Insulated
Of flat panel, single piece construction these doors slide effortlessly in a straight line and are ideal for aircraft hangars or factories (manual or powered operation up to 6 metres high and virtually unlimited width).

Folding shutters

Folding shutters doors are suitable for wide openings and can be arranged to fit around structural restraints. Robust construction ensures safe reliable operation and extreme weather resistance. Options include, colour, activation and glazing details.


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