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Automatic platform screen doors for public transport systems (Platform Screen Doors)

Full- and half-height platform screen doors (PSD) ensure safe separation of passengers from the danger of falling on to the railtrack.

Why platform screen doors?

Find out all you need to know about a PSD!

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PSD full-height (PSD-F)

Safety, convenience, aesthetics and a considerable contribution towards energy saving in air-conditioned stations

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PSD half-height (PSD-H)

More convenience and safety on the platforms without prejudice to optimized visibility

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PSD Option MétroMEDIA

Targeted advertising thanks to MétroMEDIA. Keep the waiting passengers informed and entertained by means of our integrated advertising screens.

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PSD Option MétroLIGHT

Our MétroLIGHT option enables you to light up the metro station, thus enhancing the passengers’ feeling of well- being and security.

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The PSD Gap Closer has been designed to make sure that disabled passengers can board and alight from the trains without problems.

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