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Safety and security doors

Gilgen Door Systems is the exclusive distributor in Switzerland for the Kaba safety and security door products. Gilgen offers you a customised safety/security concept on the basis of many years of experience in this product area.


Access control: fast, reliable and simple to operate.

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Waist-high turnstiles

These attractively designed access control systems successfully combine to meet the need for securely controlled entry and exit with a transparent and open appearance.

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Full height turnstiles

These robust turnstiles in the Kentaur range of products are particularly suitable for the reliable protection of outdoor access-points or in underground carparks with direct access to offices.

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Sensor-activated doors and access points

Sensor-activated doors provide reliable, convenient and contact-free access particularly when users are coping with shopping bags or luggage.

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Security barriers

Electronically-monitored barriers fulfil the highest security specifications, while offering optimum protection for the sensitive areas of a building.

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Security revolving doors

Security revolving doors protect the sensitive areas of a building from unauthorised entry, while offering a wide range of optional, multi-level security features.

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