Our Swiss values work everywhere

Since its incorporation, Gilgen Door Systems has had one purpose: perfecting its automatic drive systems for doors and gates. We focus entirely on our expertise and our customers. Our systems are only perfect when you are happy.

To fulfil your wishes, we exceed conventional industry standards again and again: in development, production, assembly and service. That has helped us become the Swiss market leader and a globally successful company.

About Gilgen Door Systems



The cube is meant to please

VOI Cube is a walk-in vending machine from the Migros Aare cooperative that will be installed at ten different locations in the Mittelland during a test phase. Open the sliding door for the smallest shopping paradise far and wide.


Door installation during existing operation

Gilgen has been supplying door and gate solutions for Bernmobil, the Bernese public transport company, for many years. Recently, a total of five different systems were designed and installed - during ongoing operations.


The door opener for the pioneering project

Grand-Lancy is the new gateway to the city of Geneva. For the Pont-Rouge business park, Gilgen forms the backbone with various gate, sliding door and swing door operators.


Health in the centre

Espace Santé is a centre for out-of-hospital services for the neighbouring Hôpital Riviera-Chablais in the canton of Vaud. Gilgen delivered a variable portfolio and range of services for this project.


New partnership with the Italian BMP Group

Gilgen Door Systems and the BMP Group have concluded an intensified partnership agreement.


Installation on the move

Switzerland's largest shopping centre is currently being completely redesigned. Gilgen Door Systems is right in the middle of it: a total of 50 new door systems have been and will be installed in the Glattzentrum by 2022.


The path is open to charm and nostalgia

The Polybahn is a Zurich landmark. In cooperation with cabin builder CWA, Gilgen was able to convert and renovate the 16 door systems.


New doors open at 1517 metres above sea level

Meglisalp lies in the middle of the Appenzell foothills - helicopter operations were necessary to install the new Gilgen sliding doors in the gently renovated mountain inn.


Maximum security for Uttigen

After three years of planning and just under one year of implementation, Gilgen installed a new airlock control system at the Uttigen ammunition depot.


The breakthrough: 100’000 services

The 145 Gilgen service technicians in Switzerland complete around 450 service units every day. Recently, the 100’000 mark was broken.


A safety concept for the lighthouse project

Energypolis, a unique campus with over 1’000 work and study places, is currently being built in Sion. Gilgen is also right in the middle of it with its cutting-edge technology.


Our corporate film

"Open - Close, a simple thing". But there is much more behind it: functionality, design, innovative strength and our passion for doors and gates. Find out in 2 minutes who we are, what we do and what is important to us.


Gilgen Door Systems: your manufacturer of drive and comprehensive systems for doors, gates and walls. We work with sales and service partners in more than 70 countries worldwide and operate 8 subsidiaries and our own service centres.