The ski season is just around the corner

After almost 40 years, the existing cable car running from Saanenmöser to Saanersloch will be decommissioned. In its day, it was the fastest, most comfortable and most modern cable car available – but it is now being upgraded. The new route will increase not only the capacity, but also the comfort, with spacious 10-passenger cabins and doorways with level access. After the groundbreaking in October 2017, the new 2,860 m cable car line will come into operation just in time for the start of the winter season on 15 December. In future, it will be possible to transport 2,000 people an hour across the mountain’s 675 m incline.

Gilgen Door Systems is responsible for the automatic sliding doors used in the cable car. Two Gilgen mechanisms will be implemented in the mountain station for entry and exit. The sliding door panels have a solid construction designed to withstand the high wind load, and are led into the heated bottom guide rail with rollers.

Project Coordinator Bruno Haldemann: ‘The poor road conditions mean transporting materials up the mountain is not always easy. 4 x 4 vehicles are an absolute necessity.’ This is easier in the Valley Station, where two further Gilgen mechanisms in the platform edge point visitors in the right direction. Their elegant construction means the systems can be seamlessly integrated into the slim glass front. We also took care of the fire safety doors and the mechanism for the fire safety gate for the system that brings the cabins to the basement. A successful project that counts on the reliability of the Gilgen systems.


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