Accessories - Radio remote control

Convenient, reliable, safe and secure: A remote control from Gilgen Door Systems is your personal key to convenient drive-in access. Enter the dry interior of your garage trouble-free and at the push of a button. You can order your remote control directly online by clicking on the link.

High-security transmission

The handheld radio control uses the licence-free 868 MHz frequency. It works on the basis of a limited power-on period. The radio signal is transmitted smoothly, without interference from other radio devices.

Self-learning components

The slimline receiver unit with internal antenna can be installed either inside the building or outdoors. The code is programmed in via the hand-held transmitter. The mini-decoder forming part of the control system checks incoming radio signals, and generates the appropriate impulse whenever the signals match.

Compact functionality

Automatic doors and gates, along with lighting, ventilation and alarm systems, can all be operated using our control technology. The transmitter can emit up to four independent control signals. The functions are matched to your needs.

Synchronisation of various devices

The video tutorials listed below show you how to synchronise your existing handheld remote controls with Gilgen’s new GFU remote control system.

GFU - F9000

GFU - F7000

...also for F6000 / F8000 / F43