A mountain full of challenges

The Skyway gondola lift in the ski resort of Courmayeur (I) at the foot of Mont Blanc is considered the most spectacular mountain lift in Europe. The transport and installation of 16 automatic SLX-M platform doors was therefore a real challenge. For example, the transport of the heavy door drives, bulky profiles and fragile door leaves to the middle and top station (at 3,466 m above sea level): this was handled by a special material railway. Or the installation in snow and wind: "The glazing of the door wings was done on site - immediately before the installation. For safety reasons, all platform doors are equipped with a track lock. To ensure that the sliding doors still function reliably, we fitted them with a heated floor guide," explains Gilgen project manager Aldo Pulver. The installation of the systems was completed within only 12 days - together with our long-standing South Tyrolean sales partner Türmatik OHG, who specialise in particular solutions in the Alpine region. 


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