Gilgen has sold its subsidiary Gilgen Door Systems Limited UK (GD UK) to the management. The handover took place on 01.10.2019. The company will continue to sell Gilgen products exclusively under the new name GDUK Door Solutions Limited and will remain active in its traditional business fields.


"As an independent company, we can develop our own strategy and align our structures even more closely with the needs of our market and customers," says Stuart Lawrie, Managing Director and one of the new owners. Alastair Walker and the management team will also participate in the acquisition of GD UK. "We look forward to embarking on a new path with new prospects. Market conditions are positive  and we are highly motivated to succeed," says Stuart Lawrie. "And, of course, we will continue to be a competent sales partner for Gilgen".


The sale is part of the reorganization and has no effect on the employees in England, who will be transferred to the new ownership within the existing organizational structure.



GDUK Door Solutions Limited will continue to trade and be branded “Gilgen”, working with both existing and new customers and suppliers.


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