Areas of competence

Gilgen Door Systems develops, in close consultation with you, solutions designed to ensure added value for your organisation, allowing you to benefit from the expertise that we have acquired from several decades’ experience of projects great and small completed all over the world, in all sectors of commerce and industry.

Invisible perfection
Wherever automatic door and gate systems work smoothly anywhere in the world, it is because of Swiss values: our engineering acumen, precision and the certainty that everything works out – from planning to maintenance.

The core: our drive system
We dedicate the bulk of our development work to drive systems. They are at their best when nobody notices them. Every day, our systems bring countless people together or to their destinations. They make lives easier.

All options are open
Our innovative systems are as versatile as life itself. They are tailored to living, breathing humans. From standardised modules to single-unit constructions, we develop optimal solutions that blend into your architecture and systems seamlessly. They offer security, function and Swiss design.