Quality, safety and the environment

Gilgen Door Systems sets new standards in terms of quality, safety and environmental awareness. Thanks to the sustainable strategy and outstanding approach to the interaction between humans and machines that lie at the heart everything Gilgen does, our customers can now benefit from standards that were once unattainable. Further development is taking place not only in terms of door, gate and wall systems, as our optimised processes and constant employee-training help us to perfect our approach to ever greater performance.

Our goals are ambitious and yet at the same time realistic. This involves keeping an eye on the big picture, but without neglecting the small details. We feel that we have only fulfilled our mission when you, the customer, are  satisfied with the project solution supplied. Our strict quality-management procedures guarantee lasting satisfaction in the long term, with the application of both local and international standards and the fulfilment of requirements in terms of quality, security, safety and environmental sustainability.

Each construction project involves a variety of stakeholders, be they you as the customer, the official authorities concerned or our parent company Nabtesco, to name but a few. Ultimate responsibility always lies with Gilgen Door Systems, however. This allows us to guarantee the optimum satisfaction of all the interested parties concerned.

Gilgen Door Systems achieves its assigned goals by subordinating hierarchical levels to the needs of success and promoting a corporate culture with a total focus on unrestricted cooperation. We are proud of the fact that our door, gate, barrier and wall systems set worldwide benchmarks in terms of quality, environmental awareness, safety and security. We create complete solutions, rather than just market individual products.

Gilgen Door Systems holds certification issued by: