Quality awareness

Our passion is inspiring customers around the world with our services. The superior quality of our products and our outstanding customer service set us apart from the competition. We believe that it is important to continue making improvements to our products and services, and to our in-house processes, on an ongoing basis and view this as an integral part of what we do.

Our products and services are aligned to customer and market needs – we build complete solutions, precisely tailored to demand. We process orders promptly and provide a professional standard of service, worthy of the confidence placed in us.

Our strict, certified quality management based on ISO 9001 guarantees long-term satisfaction and compliance with national and international standards and requirements – ensuring a very high level of customer satisfaction.

It is important to us to provide ongoing training and development opportunities for our staff members. Each of our employees vouches for the quality of their particular process, introducing corrective measures where needed to ensure that we are able to maintain and safeguard the high quality standard of our products and services.

The target of a ‘zero defects customer experience’ demands safety and stability all along the process chain from supplier to initial operation as well as in the services provided.

Our products are type-tested by various external specialist bodies such as TüV, Vds and ift Rosenheim and feature the corresponding quality labels.

Our Swiss design and engineering, the ‘Swiss Quality’ made in Schwarzenburg, opens millions of doors and gates around the world every day.

Our memberships of numerous associations and specialist groups – in Switzerland and abroad – ensure we are always at the cutting edge of technology.