Digitising the Gilgen Academy


Easylearn for Gilgen Academy

Externally, Gilgen Door Systems stands for quality and innovation; internally, the company is characterised in particular by its collaborative working atmosphere: The atmosphere is appreciative and is described by many as "family-like".

In order to maintain these success factors, knowledge and values must be passed on - which is why Gilgen has had its own "Gilgen Academy" since 2018, which now even has an offshoot in Australia. In August, project manager Marco Gurtner introduced a new programme: easylearn. It is already making administration simple and clear for course participants and organisers. Events such as onboarding for new employees can be planned easily. But easylearn opens even more doors at Gilgen.

Thinking about the future

The platform offers a basis for hybrid learning, also called "blended learning". This stands for a mixture of learning in presence and learning via digital programmes. Easylearn offers various options to enable learning at a distance. One of them is videos: Gilgen Academy is already in the development phase here. "In order to prepare ourselves adequately, I was allowed to get a taste of various industrial companies and experience the practical application with my own eyes," says Marco Gurtner about his excursions to other companies.

Despite the digital possibilities of easylearn, the company never wants to completely do without physical meetings. After all, the bond between employees usually develops through personal contact - and that is the basis for the unique atmosphere at Gilgen.

Helping employees develop their skills

The Gilgen Academy aims to preserve and pass on know-how while at the same time increasing job satisfaction. Thus, employees who are interested have the opportunity to make a career step forward as course instructors themselves.

For Marco Gurtner, the focus of the Gilgen Academy is on the individual: the individual should benefit, both for his or her work at Gilgen and beyond. The project manager's wish is: "Learning should have a positive effect. At the Gilgen Academy, we want to take away the fear of learning and show people how they can benefit for themselves.