Gilgen «ski-rowdies» on the slopes


Ski race of the construction planners

What's yellow and dashes across the snow? That's right, the Gilgen Door Systems racers in their yellow company jackets at the Building Ski Event last Saturday. Roland Zumbrunnen from Customer Service, who took first place among all the athletes taking part in 2022, was once again the fastest Gilgen «ski-rowdie». This year he made it to third place and thus onto the podium. Simon Hirschi from Modernisation Sales and Christian von Allmen, Team Leader Test Field, also sped down the hill: As a team, the Gilgen «ski-rowdies» finished in 14th place, ahead of 22 other participating teams from the construction industry. We congratulate our team and Roland Zumbrunnen on the successful race.

However, the Building Ski Event at Bergbahnen Lenk was about much more than winning. The team leader for installation, Kevin Marolf, who took over this year with Jürg Brechbühl, new system installer, was at the race for the first time equipped with a camera instead of a snowboard. He emphasised the cultivation of relationships. It is precisely because of the yellow ski jackets, which are not only hard to miss but also easy to recognise, that participants from other companies are happy to approach you for a chat.

For Kevin Marolf, however, the team-building factor was at least as important as the external contact. The four participants from Gilgen all come from different departments and enjoy being together in this constellation on the ski day and strengthening their relationships with each other. Because in addition to the ski race, our Gilgen «ski-rowdies». also enjoy moments together. "I always look forward to a cool ski day the most," explained Kevin Marolf. This includes making the slopes unsafe together, lunch and - as befits a weekend ski day - a little après-ski together.