Invited to break in


The number of burglaries in Switzerland continues to rise: 114 break-ins occur every day. Many burglars' plans can be foiled right at the door - and Gilgen Door Systems is an expert at this. This year, Gilgen is outdoing itself with an innovation that the world has never seen before: Automatic door systems without continuous floor guides with RC2 and RC3 certification in burglar resistance.

Beat Dütsch, whose responsibilities include locking and profile systems at Gilgen, has been actively involved in burglar resistance for years: "We have always been one step ahead of our competitors in this area." To prove this, Gilgen invited experts to Schwarzenburg and had them carry out various break-in attempts.

Defying poor expectations

In order to obtain RC2 / RC3 certification, an accredited testing institute must attempt to break open the door in question according to two different criteria - and be unsuccessful. While RC2 certification guarantees security against "spontaneous break-ins" using physical force and small tools, break-ins in the RC3 procedure are of a different calibre.

Here, the "burglar" attacks the door equipped with a mechanical drill, screwdriver, pliers and the crowbar-like cow foot. The testing institute was sceptical as to whether Gilgen's bottomless innovation would stand up to their break-in attempts: "They didn't expect our door to hold up," Beat Dütsch says proudly.

Absorbing immense forces

But how did Gilgen manage this? The answer is: by using a reinforced fixed point guide and other crucial detailed solutions. Sliding doors are much more difficult to make burglar-proof than a swing door, which uses hinges and point locks on the door frame. Until now, sliding doors have mainly relied on floor guides, which are associated with complex installation and aesthetic restrictions.

For Gilgen's inventors, dispensing with this meant absorbing the additional load of immense forces in other ways. The team approached the process very pragmatically. Beat Dütsch explains: "We built on existing material - our vast experience was definitely decisive for success."