Neighbours and business partners


Bernaville: workplace for people with disabilities

Big move in Schwarzenburg: the Bernaville Foundation for people with cognitive disabilities is currently moving into its new main building after almost three years of construction. Bernaville has been the home and workplace of many people with disabilities for 50 years. Gilgen Door Systems has installed almost 20 door systems for its neighbours in the new building. However, the project will not be fully completed until the end of August this year. Accompanying employee Christoph Marti and son of the Chairman of the Board of Trustees is already looking forward to it: "My father will cut a red ribbon at the opening."

Gilgen orders in Bernaville's workshop

In fact, Gilgen is also a long-standing customer of Bernaville and places orders with the accompanied workshop teams. Christoph Marti has worked for the foundation for 23 years and knows the tasks in the workshop inside out. He explains that the employees with cognitive impairments pack small parts such as screws for Gilgen. Lisa Schär, who has been part of the workshop team for two years, explains that the most important thing is that no screw is forgotten: "If something is missing, we notice it and point it out to each other." For her, it goes without saying that everyone in the team helps and supports each other.

Down syndrome and industrial machinery

Targeted support is key for people with disabilities. People affected by trisomy 21, including Christoph Marti, can learn a great deal with the right support. For example, he operates various industrial machines at Bernaville. His favourite activity for Gilgen is the final step in the work process: "I seal the finished bags with small parts." It is precisely because they are professionals in their field that Bernaville is a valued business partner of Gilgen. They carry out precise work to a reliably high standard. We look forward to many more years of good neighbourly and business relations.

Christoph Marti is an old hand at Bernaville.
[Translate to English:] Lisa hat sich von den sechs möglichen Arbeitsbereichen bei Bernaville für die Werkstatt entschieden.
Of the six possible areas of work at Bernaville, Lisa Schär opted for the workshop.