New mountain railway near the Matterhorn


In ice and wind

White beards freeze while the strong wind tugs and pulls at their clothes. Several men brave the freezing weather conditions and work with high concentration on the Graukopf at 3,479 metres. Their goal: to connect Italy and Switzerland with the Alpine Crossing railway. Their drive: to deliver the best performance on behalf of Gilgen Door Systems.

To connect Testa Grigia (Grey Head) with the Klein Matterhorn - a project that is finally becoming reality. Of course Gilgen is at the start. Anyone who has been to the Matterhorn knows that all the mountain railway stations are equipped with Gilgen doors. On the new Alpine Crossing lift (a 3S lift), several drives will be installed on the Klein Matterhorn, fire doors fitted and special solutions installed. The most challenging installation, however, was in Testa Grigia: the façade of the valley station had not yet been completed and the fitters had to work almost without protection in -20 degrees in the wind.  

A job in which the demands were a real challenge. In addition to the weather, the altitude also posed difficulties. It is not easy to transport building materials up the 3,883-metre Klein Matterhorn. The solution in this case was a helicopter. Due to a maximum weight of 500 kilograms per transport, several helicopter flights had to transport the Gilgen installation materials to the mountain peaks - whereby each flight could be cancelled at short notice if there was too much wind.