Switzerland's most modern hospital building


Gilgen installed hundreds of doors

On Open House Day last Saturday, the Inselspital in Bern inaugurated its new main building. The so-called Anna-Seiler-Haus is considered the most modern hospital building in the country. Since the beginning of last year, Gilgen Door Systems has been on site to install door systems in the 63-meter-high high-rise building. Chief installer Daniel Fählimann tells us that more than 450 doors throughout the building are from Gilgen.

Tour and passages

Visitors were able to stroll through the building on Saturday and get a glimpse of various rooms. Laboratories, offices and bed rooms, but also operating theaters and clean rooms were open for viewing. The latter in particular place high demands on the doors, because the rooms behind them must be and remain sterile. The Gilgen doors installed prevent the ingress of foreign particles by means of a hermetic seal. In addition, the operating room doors are protected against radiation and fires, explains Daniel Fählimann. "The isolation rooms even need special airlocks," the chief fitter recalls of the project's challenges.