The Glass Tower with Gilgen Doors


Salesforce Tower Dublin

The new Salesforce Tower gleams mightily in the Dublin sun. The tower is the jewel in the crown of a new urban campus built as the European headquarters of the software company Salesforce Inc. A modern building demands modern door systems - which is why Gilgen Door Systems installed doors in the glass tower. In collaboration with Boon Edam Ireland, Gilgen's long-standing partner, they are equipping the entrances, exits and passageways of the Salesforce Tower.

Inclusive - access for everyone

Gilgen telescopic door systems are distributed throughout the building and Boon Edam installed its own automatic revolving doors at the main entrances to the tower. In addition, Gilgen's door operators for swing doors were also installed: this is due to the regulations in Ireland (and many other countries) that there must always be a barrier-free entrance next to revolving doors. Physically impaired people should also have easy access.

Modern means energy-efficient

The Salesforce Tower is an extraordinary building in itself: it is Salesforce's most sustainable building project and a so-called zero-energy building. This means that it is powered entirely by renewable energy sources and uses solar panels and modern battery storage. This harmonises with Gilgen's door systems: Thanks to thermal separation, energy-saving operation and intelligent door solutions, Gilgen's door systems are energy-efficient. This means that room temperatures remain constant, even with around 1,400 Salesforce employees in Dublin entering and leaving the Tower every day.