A Hundred Thousand Thanks

A magic number: 100’000 services within 12 months - and that's just the contract services. "In addition, there are repairs and other services," explains Christian Winkler, head of the Customer Service Centre. In other words, each Gilgen service technician performs between 600 and 700 services per year - a total of 160’000 assignments. "An incredible number that we can all be proud of," Winkler knows.

And the prospects remain good. The CH customer service department at Gilgen is booming. "We have a good image and also look after third-party systems - these have to be replaced." This is where the potential lies for selling one's own plants one day. And what is the recipe for success: "The good results are based on the triumvirate of pride, uncomplicatedness and customer care," Winkler analyses in conclusion.

Customer service technicians Jessica Werren and Markus Wüthrich are happy about the magic number.

Proud and happy: the maintenance contracts team