Automatically germ-free

Contact-less thoroughfares make a major contribution to hygienic conditions. This can help prevent the spread of germs through contact with door handles.

Clean Switch

A large number of bacteria and viruses, many of them harmful, are transferred through contact with surfaces, particularly door handles. CleanSwitch allows contact-less and thus hygienic opening of doors with defined gestures within a range of 10 to 50 centimetres. With its appealing design and coloured LED feedback, the CleanSwitch is an attractive and user-friendly addition wherever it’s used.

Clean and contact-less

The contact-less opening of doors fulfils the highest hygiene standards. In hospitals, especially, this is vitally important. Diseases can very quickly be transferred through the use of door handles. Automatic Gilgen doors can make entry ‘bacteria-free’.

Sensor systems

The door opening is usually triggered by a motion detector which captures the movements of passers-by. The combination device protects both people and objects in the door area.

Contact-less. Hygienic. Comfortable

The broad range of Gilgen products allows automated solutions to be integrated into any door concept.