Industrial High Speed Doors

Available in these versions
  • standard Standard
  • escape-route Escape routes
  • modernization Upgrades

Gilgen high-speed doors are the right choice wherever there’s a need for fast movement and reliable opening and closing. Fast operating speeds call for a sturdy construction and reliable, low-friction operation. The fabric walls are reinforced with PVC to make them extremely tough and reliable in the face of external wear. Whether they operate horizontally or vertically, Gilgen high-speed doors provide optimal access points for production areas and processing, cold-storage facilities and clean rooms with frequent opening and closing cycles. Get in touch any time to speak with us about our high-speed doors and door systems as well as the options for your project. With a maximum opening speed of three metres per second and a maximum closing speed of one metre per second, Gilgen high-speed doors really live up to their name. We offer high speed doors with a PVC curtain fabric thickness of 1–3 mm and optional window sections. There’s a free choice of colour for the curtain, which is conveyed by a steel or stainless-steel coiling shaft.

High-speed doors for industry
The doors and door systems we offer that are primarily used in industrial applications are also sure to suit your intended purpose, thanks to the wide choice of available options. As an established manufacturer with many years of experience in high-speed doors, we work together with you to find the right door solution, guaranteed. Special rapid roller shutters We make doors for a range of specialist fields, some of which are presented here. We have high-speed door versions for both exterior and interior doors that open either horizontally or vertically.

For escape routes
Transspeed FLW interior door: This special interior door for escape routes is ‘escape route approved’ and ‘design type approved’ by TÜV Süd. The escape route is monitored via a radar detector. The height of the emergency opening is checked automatically every 24 hours.

For freezer facilities
Transspeed TK interior door: the freezer version of our high-speed doors. The PVC curtain is reinforced and features frost-resistant operation thanks to a special heating system integrated into the track rails – perfect for freezer facilities. For the food industry and wet areas The splashproof Minirapid VA interior door features a sophisticated concept that allows it to be cleaned quickly and easily.

For the pharmaceutical and chemical industries
Minirapid Clean interior door: designed for use in clean rooms. It is highly impermeable thanks to a curtain that fits tightly into the guide rails.

Anti-crash system
For the Transsprint C, safety is paramount. Our failsafe horizontal rapid roller shutter has an opening speed of 3 m/s and opens up the full door height. In the event of a crash, a special trip mechanism on the beams is activated – guaranteeing high safety for people, equipment and material to be conveyed.

Our high-speed doors rate highly, especially in the following areas:

  • Industry
  • Logistics
  • Transport
  • Clean rooms
  • Cold storage and freezer facilities
  • Foodstuff
  • Personal and equipment safety
  • Supermarkets
  • Escape route
  • ATEX zones

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