Industrial Sectional Doors

Available in these versions
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  • modernization Upgrades
  • energy-efficiency Energy efficiency

Sectional doors from Gilgen not only feature reliable engineering but also options for customising both the design and dimensions – so they can be adapted to any building project. Sectional doors are most commonly used in industrial garages. Installing the guide rails on the ceiling means they permit maximum transit height. Access is convenient and automatic via an optional remote control or is provided the traditional way with a key. Various versions are available with wicket doors or windows. Gilgen is always on hand to help you find the right solution for your project. In contrast to swing doors, sectional doors don’t take up any space in front of the building. This makes it easy to open the door, even if there’s a
vehicle parked right in front of the garage. With Gilgen Door Systems, you don’t just have a wide range of ISO panels and ALU panels with different thermal insulations, colours, window versions, drive mechanisms, control types and wicket doors to choose from. You also have a choice of guide rails and return units to suit your specifications. Sectional doors are traditionally used as garage doors, for example in fire stations, bus companies, logistics, industrial units as well as for private premises, but they can of course also be used for much more than just garages.

Sectional door thermal insulation
You can choose from ISO 40, ISO 60 and ISO 80 panels for the thickness and insulation of our sectional doors. All panels are filled with polyurethane foam, with thermal insulation between the inside and outside of the panels. ISO 80 offers the highest level of thermal insulation. The sectional joints (e.g. on an ALU 60 door) are not only windproof and waterproof; they also prevent thermal transfer thanks to special insulating profiles.

Wicket and side doors in your garage door
Our sectional doors can also be delivered with wicket or side doors to suit your specifications. Wicket doors can be integrated into the garage door or as a side door in a fixed panel. The fixed panel with integrated side door doesn’t move and can be made to match the door leaf. A side panel door is preferable if the opening is wide enough to allow it.

Safety of our sectional doors
The safe operation of sectional doors should of course be absolutely guaranteed. That’s why Gilgen sectional doors are certified by TÜV Nord and feature mechanical and electronic safety mechanisms and other safety features. The mechanical safety features include guards against spring breakage, cable breakage and for lifting. A slack rope safety mechanism, obstacle detection and light barriers are some of
the electronic safety features.

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