University Hospital in Berne

The University Hospital in Bern with international reputation.

The University Hospital of Bern is an important part of Switzerland’s healthcare sector. It is a centre of medical competence, high technology and advanced knowledge, with an international reputation as a point of encounter for science and research. This “City of Health” is the daily place of work of 7,100 employees who all do their best, all year round, to offer top-quality medical treatment and individual care to some 38,000 in-patients and 263,000 out-patients. Gilgen automatic doors guarantee optimum barrier-free accessibility, hygiene, safety and security.


More than 400 Gilgen automatic door and gate systems are currently in daily use. Here are just a few of the areas of application:
Main entrances, A&E, operating theatres, various access points, kitchen, toilets, indoor car park, deep-freeze, x-ray room, isolation wards, recovery room, molecular diagnostics, sterile room, maternity ward, switchgear room, staff entrance, goods entrance, waste disposal, Goods IN, corridors, etc.

Products used in and around buildings

  • Gilgen automatic sliding-door systems
  • Gilgen automatic folding leaf-door systems (standard and fire protected)
  • Gilgen automatic folding leaf-door systems
  • Gilgen automatic collapsible sliding-wall system
  • Gilgen automatic sliding door systems (standard, fire protected and with fire-rated closing device)
  • Gilgen automatic folding leaf door system
  • Revolving door
  • Customer service: Care of automatic systems supplied by Gilgen and other manufacturers

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