Flying high to the Lej de la Pêsch

"The material can only be delivered by helicopter," salesman Markus Johanni explains the conditions, and he adds: "For us, however, such an operation is nothing out of the ordinary - we supply and service numerous special installations such as cabin or perron doors for cable cars." This is also confirmed by Beat Pfund, who, together with his two permanently installed service technicians, looks after the entire Engadine for Gilgen as Customer Service Manager East, among other things. "We do 2’400 assignments a year, 1’600 of which are services. The biggest challenges for us are the long transport routes and the fact that it is winter in the Engadine for six months.


Like the flight on 23 November from the highest Gilgen service point in Samedan (1’721 m above sea level) to the ski area of Corviglia - with the destination Lej de la Pêsch.


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