Barriers are at once secure gates and flexible access points. Whether you want to block, control or limit access to parking areas, multistorey car parks, security zones, tunnel approaches or your company premises – at Gilgen Door Systems, you’ll find the right barrier for your requirements. Our barrier booms and electric barriers have the additional benefit of being suitable for high-traffic access points, thus offering full flexibility. High opening cycles therefore aren’t an issue. And needless to say, barriers from Gilgen Door Systems are also easy to combine with ticket or coin-operated machines, car park controls and counters.

Barrier systems for all purposes
Gilgen electric barriers are available as a compact barrier, universal barrier and powerful barrier, providing you with the right equipment whatever your intended purpose. Our barrier installations and barrier systems not only feature high flexibility, they are also exceptionally low maintenance thanks to their solid construction. And should anything ever happen, you can always rely on our first-class service!

Always flexible
We’re just as able to cater for high barrier widths as we are barriers for narrow clearances. We offer single arms, double arms or folding arms, from 2 metres up to 14 metres. The beam supports can be locked electromagnetically, yet can still be opened manually in the event of a power failure. Additional fittings for safety elements are built in. Different opening systems can be used to operate the barrier systems as required, making them ideal for multistorey car parks and parking areas as well as, for example, employeeparking areas on company premises. Customised arm lengths, a range of arm models and different opening speeds are no problem at all for us – ensuring a barrier system that is ideally suited to your requirements. Please feel free to contact our support team for specific requests in terms of the length/width of the barrier boom or in relation to other custom solutions to suit your purposes. Protect areas such as employee parking areas, company premises, etc., or restrict access to public parks and similar spaces.

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