Compact barrier

Available in these versions
  • standard Standard
  • areal-and-logistic Large areas and logistics
  • modernization Upgrades

This compact barrier from Gilgen Door Systems stands out thanks to its slimline design. Thanks to its high quality and the reduction of its features to a bare minimum, it offers a perfect cost-to-benefit ratio. Highly frequented entrances and accesses can be opened in a limited way, by means of a key or magnetic card for example. The barrier unlocks automatically in the event of a power failure. A second barrier can be added, using the master/slave principle, to create a combined barrier system.

– Rigid or articulated arm (2-4 m)
– Support post (can be supplied with electromagnetic locking)
– Control of second barrier (master/slave principle)
– Connection points for safety and security elements
– Unlocking in the event of power failure