Gate & door drive units

Gilgen door drive mechanisms are high quality and reliable with low maintenance. The automatic door drive mechanisms slide, fold, revolve or tip your doors. Designed to suit your specific requirements and perfectly adapted to the prevailing architecture and space available.

Low maintenance and reliable
Gilgen door drive mechanisms excel in their durability and sturdy construction. From lightweight sliding doors and up-and-over doors to heavy outdoor sliding gates – door and gate drive mechanisms from Gilgen Door Systems are powerful and reliable, whatever the weather. What’s more, the different door systems naturally make use of different drive mechanisms that are ideally suited to your requirements. So even high rates of opening, as with sliding door drive mechanisms, are no problem at all. Even the speed of the door drive mechanisms can be adapted to your requirements.

Door opener and hand-held transmitter
Different systems are available for opening the doors and can be used in day-to-day operations together with our door drive mechanisms. Hand-held transmitters are of course another option for opening doors. And other systems can also be installed, such as automatic opening when passing through a light barrier. At Gilgen, you choose which door, drive mechanism and door opener you want.

What does an electric door drive mechanism cost?
That depends entirely on the type of door you choose and on your specific project. For more information, please contact our excellent service team!

With Gilgen Door Systems, you have an established manufacturer of door drive mechanisms on hand to help you with doors and gates to suit your specific building project.

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