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  • platform-screen-doors Platform Screen Door

Full-height PSD supplied by Gilgen Door Systems are available in two variants, depending on customer requirements. If air-conditioned stations need to fulfil demanding environmental conditions, for example, full-height PSD systems can be supplied with airtight closure. This minimises the wastage of energy in the air-conditioned passenger area as efficiently as possible, without limiting the comfort of the passengers concerned.

Extreme cold in the areas of the world farthest from the equator has likewise been taken into account. PSD systems can also be fitted with optional heating elements in order to ensure safe and reliable functioning even with extremely low temperatures.

  • PSD full-height, with airtight closure for air-conditioned stations

  • PSD full-height, without airtight closure

PSD-F with airtight closure for air-conditioned stations

  • Hong Kong
  • New York, AirTrain JFK

PSD-F for extreme weather requirements (cold, snow, sleet)

  • New York, AirTrain JFK

PSD-F without airtight closure

  • Toulouse, Line A
  • Lille, Line 2