High-Security Shutters

Available in these versions
  • areal-and-logistic Large areas and logistics
  • anti-burglary-protection Burglar-resistance
  • energy-efficiency Energy efficiency
  • special-solution Custom Made Solution

A high-security door must be able to withstand enormous forces and other factors. The high-security doors supplied by Gilgen Door Systems have been successfully tested and certified, in accordance with the applicable standards, for resistance to forced lifting, levering, drilling, impact and bullet penetration. There have also been improvements in terms of high energy efficiency, sound insulation up to 35dB and resistance to storms, hurricane-force winds and even explosions. High-security doors and gates supplied by Gilgen Door Systems are thus suitable for protecting properties subject to a medium to high risk of break-ins, or those exposed to extreme weather conditions. For further information visit our Rolegard High Security Website via the link below.