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Gilgen Door Systems has developed GapCLOSER in order to deal with the main dangers and problems inherent in the use of railway platforms.

Thanks to GapCLOSER, Gilgen Door Systems is able to offer passengers safe and convenient entry and exit at critical stations. The main problem arises from the gap between the carriage and the platform, which can be particularly pronounced on stations that stand on a curve in the track, for example.
This results in disadvantages for the following passengers wheelchair users, elderly people who use walking aids, families with prams and pushchairs, passengers carrying heavy luggage etc.
GapCLOSER is available both as an integral part of PSD-H and as a stand-alone version.


Pilotinstallation in the station "La Floresta" in Barcelone FGC Line S5

Integrated in PSD

Integrated in PSDH bijou® (Métro Cube)

GapCLOSER PSDH bijou - Front view

Gap Closer PSDH bijou - Rear view

GapCLOSER Pilotprojekt in Barcelona