Career with Gilgen Door Systems

Expand your professional development with us! Well-trained and motivated employees are central to us. That's why we support you and offer various forms of further training. For example, you can specialise in a particular field, become responsible for projects or take over a team as a leader.

We offer generous support with our Academy or individual development on and off the job, professionally or in leadership. Your supervisors and the Human Resources team are available to discuss your professional goals with you.

Gilgen Academy

Under the umbrella of the Gilgen Academy, we combine various development measures and corresponding training courses on technical and IT topics, sales, customer loyalty, service and leadership. They are designed to accompany you on your career path in line with your needs.

Professional career
Professional career

Would you like to develop in your area of expertise in the long term, deepen your knowledge and learn new things? Then we can offer you interesting career opportunities.

We have appropriate introductory programmes for each function. A "godmother" or "godfather" will accompany you through the first few months. Depending on your specific interests, you will build up your knowledge through on- and off-the-job training and become a specialist. You can pass on your knowledge yourself, for example as a trainer at the in-house Gilgen Academy.

Leadership training and workshops

If you are in the position of a project leader or a team leader, we will support you in your task. The leadership trainings consist of one to two-day basic trainings.

Depending on your function and needs, we offer half-day workshops on various topics such as staff recruitment, interviewing, presentation, meeting design and feedback. You choose what interests you most after the basic training and we offer you the appropriate in-depth training.

These trainings and workshops are based on our leadership house, which contains our leadership values.