Automatic Platform Gates (APG)

Automatic Platform Gates (APG) (also called half-height platform screen doors) separate track and platform while giving passengers the feeling that the platform is open and spacious.
APG facades are installed as close as possible to the platform edge to ensure good accessibility for passengers and offer clear added value:

  • Increased passenger safety by preventing the risk of falling or entering the tracks.
  • Improve passenger flow on the platform by marking train access points and allowing the operator to increase train traffic.
  • Improving passenger comfort by reducing the airflow generated by train movement.
  • Improve platform cleanliness by reducing dust transfer from the carriageway to the platform.
  • Supporting passenger information, e.g. through signage or dynamic traffic information (screens and loudspeakers).
  • APG facades are generally used in outdoor stations where there is no upper station building and the architectural intention is to open up the station to the surrounding area.
  • As APG are lighter than free-standing PSD, they are easier to install in retrofit projects. Such projects are carried out, for example, in old railway stations where the structural regulations already set strong limits regarding weight. Since APG doors are "modular" by design, their installation on site is quick and easy.


Platform screen doors
Platform screen doors

Platform Screen Doors minimise risk on public transport systems in fast-growing metropolitan areas. Full- and half-height platform screen doors (PSD) ensure safe separation of the passenger zone from the danger area next to the railway track. The high-frequency deployment of Gilgen platform screen doors demands innovation and tailoring of the end solution for each and every project.


Regardless of whether you operate a Gilgen or a manufacturer-independent system: It is important to us to adapt it to today's safety regulations by means of a targeted partial or complete refurbishment in order to protect your original investment (value retention). If your renovation project requires the involvement of various professional groups (electricians, bricklayers, fitters, etc.), we are happy to put together a carefree package in which we take over the complete construction coordination of all participants for you.

  • PSD-H standard 1.5 metre height
  • PSD-H bijou® 1.7 metre height

Reference Projects PSD-H Standard 1.5 meter height

  • Project Taipei, Red & Blue Line
  • Project Paris, Line 13 Pilot Installation

Reference Project PSD-H bijou® 1.7 meter height 

  • Project Paris, Line1  & 13, Retrofit

Animation of the modes of operation:
Part 1: Passenger passage in normal operation.
Part 2: In the event of an incorrect stop, for example, exit through the safety passageways.