MetroLIGHT and MetroMEDIA

MetroLIGHT and MetroMEDIA

Light and passenger information

Gilgen Door Systems offers the MetroLIGHT option. This is a lighting system that is integrated into the PSD. The system is based on the latest technology and offers a modern, efficient and cost-optimised lighting solution for the metro platform area. The main benefit is that without additional infrastructure a modern, energy-efficient and with the use of the latest LED technology lighting of the metro station is realised.

Indispensable for smooth metro operation are the loudspeaker announcements that inform passengers about rail traffic. Today, not only loudspeakers are part of a modern metro, but also integrated screens as part of the Passenger Information System (PIS).

With MetroMEDIA and MetroLIGHT, Gilgen Door Systems offers complete solutions that go beyond platform screen door systems.


Platform screen doors
Platform screen doors

Platform Screen Doors minimise risk on public transport systems in fast-growing metropolitan areas. Full- and half-height platform screen doors (PSD) ensure safe separation of the passenger zone from the danger area next to the railway track. The high-frequency deployment of Gilgen platform screen doors demands innovation and tailoring of the end solution for each and every project.


Regardless of whether you operate a Gilgen or a manufacturer-independent system: It is important to us to adapt it to today's safety regulations by means of a targeted partial or complete refurbishment in order to protect your original investment (value retention). If your renovation project requires the involvement of various professional groups (electricians, bricklayers, fitters, etc.), we are happy to put together a carefree package in which we take over the complete construction coordination of all participants for you.

Each passageway can be equipped with its own MétroMEDIA system.
The additional benefits for operators and passengers are

  • Attractiveness of the station
  • Communication options with passengers
  • Real-time passenger information system such as announcements, timetables, safety instructions, etc.
  • Flexible and dynamic advertising
  • Data distribution from a central location
  • Financing of the PSD system generated by advertising revenue
  • Passenger flow management

Each passageway can be equipped with its own MétroMEDIA system along the entire length of the platform:

  • Customised configuration
  • Multi-channel communication; each screen can play specific content.