Gap management systems


In some cases, the combination of platform conditions (with curves or gradients) and vehicle boundary lines (train door types, shape of the train) creates a significant gap between the train and the platform/platform door system. Gap Management Systems (GMS) reduce the resulting risk of entrapment and thus significantly improve passenger safety. GMS can be used alone or in addition to platform screen door systems. 

Gilgen Door Systems has therefore developed the GapCLOSER and GapWATCHER to counteract the main hazards and problems on platforms:

  • GapCLOSER: Attached to the platform edge, it is a Mechanical Gap Filler (MGF) that expands towards the train when the train docks, filling the gap between the train and the platform. The GapCLOSER provides a safe crossing for all passengers, including wheelchair users, elderly people, users of walking aids, families with prams and tourists with heavy luggage. The GapCLOSER product is available as an integrated part of PSD-Hoch or as a "stand-alone" version.
  • GapWATCHER: Is an intrusion detection system (IDS) attached to the platform screen doors that uses laser or camera technology to detect if a person or object is trapped between the train and the PSD and, in an emergency, prevents the train from departing until the person is freed.


Platform screen doors
Platform screen doors

Platform Screen Doors minimise risk on public transport systems in fast-growing metropolitan areas. Full- and half-height platform screen doors (PSD) ensure safe separation of the passenger zone from the danger area next to the railway track. The high-frequency deployment of Gilgen platform screen doors demands innovation and tailoring of the end solution for each and every project.


Regardless of whether you operate a Gilgen or a manufacturer-independent system: It is important to us to adapt it to today's safety regulations by means of a targeted partial or complete refurbishment in order to protect your original investment (value retention). If your renovation project requires the involvement of various professional groups (electricians, bricklayers, fitters, etc.), we are happy to put together a carefree package in which we take over the complete construction coordination of all participants for you.


Pilot plant at "La Floresta" station Barcelona FGC line S5

Integrated in PSD
Integrated in PSD

Integrated in PSDH bijou® (Métro Cube)

Gap Closer PSDH bijou - Rear view