Platform Screen Doors (PSD)

Platform Screen Doors (PSD) provide the best possible separation between track and platform. 

They are placed as close as possible to the platform edge to ensure good accessibility for passengers. PSD facades are divided into two types depending on their integration into the structure of the metro station:

Full height PSD are attached to the top and bottom of the civil structure. The platform area from the floor to the platform ceiling is fully sealed and the area above the technical head of the PSD allows architectural expression.

Free-standing PSDs are only fixed to the platform edge. Their height is usually 2.5 m including the technical PSD controls above the doors.

Both solutions offer significant added value for passengers:

  • Increasing passenger safety by preventing the risk of falling or entering the tracks.
  • Improving passenger flow on the platform by marking access points and allowing the operator to increase train movements.
  • Improving passenger comfort by suppressing the airflow generated by train movement.
  • Improving the cleanliness of the platform by preventing dust from the tracks from reaching the platform side.
  • Supporting passenger information, e.g. through signage or dynamic traffic information (screens and loudspeakers).
  • High PSD closures: Ensure air-tightness between the track and the platform, thus playing an active role in platform air-conditioning and energy saving in hot and cold environments; they also improve smoke management in the event of a fire on board or on the platform
  • Free-standing PSD closures: Can typically be installed on retrofit projects where the upper portion of the platform level is not designed for full-height PSD attachment, provided the structural integrity of the platform edge is sufficient.


Platform screen doors
Platform screen doors

Platform Screen Doors minimise risk on public transport systems in fast-growing metropolitan areas. Full- and half-height platform screen doors (PSD) ensure safe separation of the passenger zone from the danger area next to the railway track. The high-frequency deployment of Gilgen platform screen doors demands innovation and tailoring of the end solution for each and every project.


Regardless of whether you operate a Gilgen or a manufacturer-independent system: It is important to us to adapt it to today's safety regulations by means of a targeted partial or complete refurbishment in order to protect your original investment (value retention). If your renovation project requires the involvement of various professional groups (electricians, bricklayers, fitters, etc.), we are happy to put together a carefree package in which we take over the complete construction coordination of all participants for you.

  • PSD full-height hermetically sealed for air-conditioned stations
  • PSD full-height not hermetically sealed

PSD-F hermetically sealed for air-conditioned stations

  • Hong Kong
  • New York, AirTrain JFK

PSD-F for extreme weather conditions (cold, snow, sleet)

  • New York, AirTrain JFK

PSD-F not airtight

  • Toulouse Line A
  • Lille Line 2