Bellinzona Federal Criminal Court


"A single high-security wing"

The Federal Criminal Court in Bellinzona is being extended into the neighbouring building, the listed "Pretorio". Gilgen Door Systems' contract for the project focusses on special security measures. Salesman Patrick Brook explains: "When potential terrorists are interrogated at the Federal Criminal Court, for example, this requires a high-security set-up where nothing can go wrong."

The team led by project manager Fabiano Cantenesse is currently planning the installation of a high-security revolving door. Various airlock gates, barriers, high-security bollards and revolving doors have been installed for the prison entrance. "The whole thing is a single high-security wing," confirms Patrick Brook. Gilgen's work in the "Pretorio" is likely to continue for several years.

Confederation meets canton

The new building will house the independent court of appeal, the civil court of the district of Bellinzona and the Ticino cantonal police. The fact that the federal government meets the canton leads to coordination challenges and high planning requirements.

Through Patrick Brook, Gilgen Door Systems has had a good relationship with the federal administration for years: "They trust us 100 per cent and know that they can rely on us. We know the project inside out and can demonstrate our expertise at all levels." The cooperation is particularly noteworthy. It is not just the project management team that is working at full throttle, but also the Gilgen crew in the background, the electrical planners, draughtsmen and fitters. Construction will begin in spring 2024.