Social Media Netiquette

Social Media Netiquette

Social media netiquette

Gilgen Door Systems AG (‘Gilgen’) has a presence on various social media platforms. We warmly invite you to visit our social media channels and add posts and comments. We are happy to receive your feedback!

Please note that these social media platforms are services offered by third parties. Gilgen does not guarantee that these channels will always be accessible or operate free from interruptions and errors. This is related to the platforms’ data protection provisions and security measures, over which Gilgen has no influence.

We retain the right to delete spam, advertising, and posts and comments that we deem inappropriate, hurtful or irrelevant.

In particular, we will remove the following content:

  • offensive, obscene, discriminatory, pornographic or racist content
  • content that is abusive, disparaging of third parties, misleading or threatening, or that constitutes a personal attack, promotes violence or violates the law
  • content that infringes on the rights of Gilgen or of third parties (including copyright and personality rights)
  • content or activities that negatively impact the operation of the social media platforms in question, as well as files or links that contain harmful viruses or similar material
  • your personal information or the personal information of others that violates data protection or data security provisions

In addition, Gilgen is not liable for content posted by visitors to its social media channels.