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Gilgen Connect

Digital Next Level

We want to offer more than just high-quality electronic and mechanical doors and gates.
Gilgen therefore goes one step further and gives you digital access to your systems.

Managing your doors and gates becomes amazingly easy.

Straight to the cloud



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Gilgen Goes Digital

Your doors and gates - everything at a glance

You may be familiar with the term "asset management" from the field of investment. We like to use it because it fits the simple and clear control of all building entrances.

With the Gilgen Cloud Dashboard, you can record and combine your door systems from different locations.
You determine the extent to which functions and additional functions are displayed.

With specially organised door groups, you can improve the efficiency, security and convenience of your access systems. Intelligently reorganise your systems and simplify the entire management process.

Your master data at a glance - the best basis for everything
Your master data at a glance - the best basis for everything

Looking for important master data? With the Gilgen Cloud Dashboard, you can access it directly. You can immediately see the location or last service of each door and gate and other important information, sorted according to your organisation's criteria

  • Installation first service
  • Last service / Next service
  • Location/address of door and gate
  • Asset group affiliation
  • Operator type
  • Recording also of third-party products
  • Maintenance contract, current annual costs
  • Contact details and person responsible

Document management could hardly be easier

Has managing your documents been time-consuming and tiring until now? Then you can now look forward to finally being able to manage your documents centrally and digitally. We call this effortless document management.

With the modern Gilgen Cloud Dashboard, you can create your own structure and sort the data created automatically by Gilgen as you wish. You have access to all reports belonging to your system.

With just a few clicks, you can find all the documents for your doors and gates in the dashboard:

  • Contracts
  • invoices
  • reports
  • Reports
  • Various documents

Coming in 2024 Gilgen Connect IOT

Further features with IOT will be added next year. With the corresponding IOT kits, your doors and gates will then be able to send signals and data to Gilgen Connect Cloud in the form of data.

Read the next section to find out how Gilgen Connect Cloud's asset management is being expanded.

How monitoring doors saves service time, money and CO2
How monitoring doors saves service time, money and CO2

Tired of constantly travelling to your sites to monitor faults, errors and system logs?

The Gilgen Cloud Dashboard revolutionises the management and control of your door systems: real-time insights, diagnostic tools and remote troubleshooting - at the click of a mouse, you have detailed insight into the status of your door systems.

This makes guesswork about possible sources of faults a thing of the past. You can access error logs virtually and localise even the smallest problem precisely. This is because innovative monitoring functions report everything from defective sensors to connection problems.

And best of all, the technology allows you to rectify faults directly on your device with just a few clicks. This means you no longer have to make changes to your door systems on site. This saves time, money, nerves and CO2. Good, isn't it?

Finally give others easy access too

Would you like to grant outsiders temporary access to a property? No problem. Simply share access to your door systems via e-mail using a customisable QR code:

1. create and send the QR code

2. hold the QR code to the scanner

3. the door or gate opens for the limited time window

Save yourself the hassle of leaving physical keys or handing out permanently valid codes. Grant access to rooms and areas and always keep an eye on the duration of the presence of third parties and your property!