Golden sounds echo through Vitznau


New chamber music hall

It is a place where not only musical splendours shimmer: The new chamber music hall in Vitznau has opened. It is the first of its kind in the small municipality, which is located in the canton of Lucerne on the border with Schwyz and Nidwalden - in short, in the heart of Switzerland. The magnificent and at the same time elegant hall was built in the hotel «Das Morgen». Gilgen Door Systems was commissioned to provide modern and stylish solutions for the doors of the new chamber music hall.

In order not to fall out of the golden design, the entrances and exits have to support the ambience. The three double doors are therefore also painted in gold tones. However, it is not enough for the doors to do justice to the design of the chamber music hall, they also must reach the standards of the hotel. This presents itself as a place of digitalisation and robotics - manual doors could therefore not be considered for the hotel's new hall. Gilgen fitted three double swing doors with floor drives so that guests have been able to enter and leave the hall effortlessly since it opened last month. An additional advantage is that silently operated doors do not disturb the concerts taking place on stage and preserve the exceptional acoustics by closing automatically.